Delivery Information

Delivery Information

For Customers Using a Bank Debit Card: Banks that issue a credit/debit card automatically will hold funds any time you use your card. This does not mean that the funds have been withdrawn but that a hold has been put on your account for that particular amount until the banks have cleared the transaction. If you do proceed with the transaction, once it has processed, the funds will be withdrawn. If not, the hold will be released. We do not make these rules. The financial institutions do. This has caused some frustration for people using credit/debit cards, so please contact your bank for further details concerning using your card. 

Shipping & Returns Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what you do if you want to return an item, if the item is out of stock or if you have any shipping questions.

Returns and Exchanges:
At, we are dedicated to bringing you exceptional quality products and service. Our return goods policy is outlined below.

Free Shipping Offer: Please note that this offer is valid for domestic customers residing in the USA on select products. This does not include Alaska and Hawaii. We will ship to those states using the courier who offers the lowest rate available. Free shipping does not include insurance which is an available option at the customer's own expense. 


  • customers using a billing or shipping address that is located outside of the USA
  • IT DOES NOT apply to wholesale customers
  • IT DOES NOT apply to bulk purchases.
  • It DOES NOT apply to clearance items. 

1. Within 14 days of the invoice date, will accept the return of any product on the basis of quality issues or due to shipping mistakes made by us. We apologize, but we are human and mistakes do happen. We are a small business and try our best. We also DO NOT outsource our customer service.If it is our mistake, we will gladly do our best to provide excellent service.

If you are NOT satisfied with the products from your order due to this reason, please contact us immediately via email at [email protected] or at (917) 740-1588. We can only receive returns for UNOPENED AND UNUSED products.

If the product is used, partially or entirely. (This means if you decide to try something on, wear it for a few hours, soil it accidentally or happen to tear the packaging. We will not issue a refund. We are sorry to have to even state this but there are some people who have actually tried to do this.) 

  • If you use the product and decide you don't like it or want it. 
  • Clearance items. They are sold as is.
  • We do not issue credits for the shipping fees and you will be charged any additional shipping fees if they should apply.
  • If the product is from another store.
  • Or if the product is not carried by

3. Requests for product returns must be authorized in writing and receive approval from before replacement merchandise or credit will be issued.

4. Full Credit Policy: In order to receive full credit, ALL returns must be in fully saleable condition and accompanied with a copy of the invoice. Once the merchandise has been received and accepted and deemed to be fully salable, the credit will be issued. There will be a 15% restocking fee on any returns within the allotted time frame for returns. Items that include free shipping will be refunded for the product amount minus our cost to ship the product to you. For items where shipping was charged, shipping fees will not be refunded.

5. All freight and handling charges on returned goods are the responsibility of the customer.
We will issue a credit to your card if a refund was requested. IF not, a store credit will be issued. Please remember, we do not refund your original shipping and handling charges.

6. What happens if I provide billing information that is incorrect? Granted, we realize that it is easy to make a simple typo. That isn't a problem and usually can be resolved prior to shipping the order. However,if you provide a bogus email, bogus phone number or fake billing address, we reserve the right to refuse to ship your order to you. Please note: We may also block your IP address and notify our creditors that the information provided is potentially fraudulent. You can also be brought up on charges for mail fraud, which is a federal offense. We are very aggressive about people who commit fraud and will seek the full penalty of the law. Please keep in mind that we don't sell your information and are merely trying to get your products to you as quickly as possible. However, due to the amount of internet fraud, these are our policies to protect our own interests so that we can keep doing the work we do.

7 What happens if I provide shipping information that is incorrect? While mistakes can happen, it is not our responsibility to verify the shipping information you are providing. IF the package is returned due to an invalid address you will be charged again the FULL price of the order plus shipping if we cannot retrieve the package. Any costs incurred will be charged to you. Our system can detect certain things such as an invalid zipcode, etc but if we are unable to catch it in time and it goes out as is, the responsibility falls on the person who placed the order.

8. What if I give the wrong information or provide false information for billing and/or shipping?
If your billing information is invalid your credit card will not be approved for processing. If it comes up as a fraudulent purchase, we will report the information to the local AND federal authorities as well as black list you.
If you provide the wrong information for shipping then if it is returned, you will have to pay new shipping fees in order to ship the package.

9. What happens to the information I submit for shipping?
When you place an order on, the name, address, phone number and email address provided by you are used solely for the purpose of getting your package to you. We use the latest technology to process your information in order to get your package to you as quickly as possible. However, we have absolutely NO control over what any of the shipping agents do or require. This applies to all major couriers: USPS, Fed Ex and UPS. This is standard for all shipping and none of the shipping agencies sell or exploit the information used for shipping.
10. What about my phone number? If the courier has an issue with your package or for some reason cannot locate your residence, they will call the number listed as a final effort to deliver the package. This is why they request your name, phone number and address. If the package cannot be delivered due to incorrect information that you supplied then YOU will still be charged, there are no refunds for incorrect information and if there are additional fees to reship, that expense will be yours to pay. Your phone number is required in order to ship your parcel to you. This applies to all major couriers: USPS, Fed Ex and UPS. This is standard for all shipping and none of the shipping agencies sell or exploit the information used for shipping.
11. What about my email address? As for your email address being on the label, this is how the new technology works. It is also required in order to send the tracking information to you. This applies to all major couriers: USPS, Fed Ex and UPS. This is standard for all shipping and none of the shipping agencies sell or exploit the information used for shipping.
If you are concerned about your email address being exposed, we suggest that you create an account with Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, etc. If you feel that the information required is still too much for you then we suggest that you shop in a local retail store.

12. Are packages shipped in the USA subjected to radiation? Which couriers do this? If so, to what extent?

UPS and Fed Ex would not comment one way or the other as to what is done to the parcels they ship.The reason given was that this is actually to prevent terrorists from knowing how they operate so that further damage can be inflicted. Hours of Operation:

Since the impact of Hurricane Sandy, our hours have changed. Call us at (917) 740-1588 during our customer service hours: Monday through Thursday from 9am-5pm EST. Please leave a voicemail for our customer service staff and someone will return your call or feel free to send us an email with a time to call you back and we will gladly do so.

Or please contact us via email at:
 returns(@) Thank you!

Shipping and Receipt of Merchandise:
What methods can I use to have my order shipped? Currently, all orders are shipped via USPS but we do offer Fed Ex, which is not nec the least expensive rate, depending upon your location. We try our best to offer the least expensive shipping costs that are available to us.

Note on USPS as a shipping option. Please be reminded that although the USPS (US Postal Service) the rates begin at $10.50 but the rates are charged according to weight. We suggest that all orders be insured for an additional fee. The customer will be responsible for any and all damages or issues with the package.

USPS DOES offer a medium box flat rate service, however, the box is NOT very big. We will try to ship in the least expensive method possible but just keep in mind that if you are ordering bulks items or items that weigh many pounds, you will be charged according to what the USPS rates are. You can verify the rates at

Does ship to U.S. customers as well as international customers? YES, we do ship to Canada and the EU. We do not ship elsewhere. For our policy on shipments sent outside the continental USA and abroad, please see our policy for International Shipping. Shipping and handling fees will be determined based upon weight and location. We currently use UPS and Fed Ex for rush orders which will require additional fees. Please allow 10-24 days for receipt of shipment.

We ask that you mail us an international money order from a credible company such as Western Union or from American Express,etc. We will then deposit the check, which may take up to 10 business days to clear before we physically ship the products to you.

What if I live in Africa or Australia? Due to the amounts of online scams that we receive from foreign countries, we no longer ship overseas to countries in Africa or to Australia. 

What do I do if I want to ship my order Outside the continental USA (Hawaii, Alaska), Canada or Internationally? 
We will ship your order domestically and internationally. Please contact us if you are going to ship outside the continental USA (to Hawaii or Alaska) or to a country outside the USA, as there will be an additional charge that WILL NOT BE configured at the time of check out but will be charged to you when your order is processed.

We try our best to accommodate our international customers as well as people who wish to ship to friends and family that are abroad, but we have to follow the guidelines as set by the shipping agents. We want to make sure that your shipment is sent promptly and to the accurate destination.

Charge for Improper Address: 
Please make sure that when placing an order, a physical street address is provided with the correct and complete information. 

  • ONLY IF you are shipping within the USA via FED EX or UPS, we will be unable to ship to a PO Box because the shipping agents cannot ship to them.
  • All orders eligible for FREE Shipping must provide an address that the USPS can deliver to. Otherwise, the customer assumes the additional fees if any for shipping via another courier. 
  • If a package comes back due to the wrong address, we will be forced to pass the additional fees that are charged by the shipping companies on to you. We only pay what the shipping companies charge us.

Sales Tax: Sales tax will be included on all orders shipped within New York State and wherever applicable.

Out of Stock Policy: If a product is on backorder, an email with the expected date of arrival will be sent to the email address that you provide to at checkout. Items that are on clearance are on a first come, first serve basis. We apologize for any inconvenience, but at times, due to the demand of certain products, this is something that is unavoidable.

Yours in service for a Green, Peaceful and Happy Universe,

The Customer Service Team