About Us

Purveyors of authentic Austria's Finest Naturally Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seeds from the Steiermark!

Austria's Finest Naturally, originally founded by John Paul and Christa Cook, has helped Americans experience a unique gourmet experience! We have continued to carry the legacy of the delicious and healthful pumpkin seed oil and seeds from Austria's pristine Steiermark by offering only the best - Austria's Finest, Naturally!

China Free Foods and Clothing: 

We do not sell any food or clothing whose country of origin is from China. The manufacturers we buy from have extremely high standards and are particular about their sources. 

We do this because we use the products that we sell and so do our families.

The unfortunate reality of social non-acceptance and what people really need to remember. 
Unfortunately, most people that are not familiar with the benefits of organic and all natural products have an adverse reaction to the organic industry. It is perceived as being in the vitamin/healthfood arena. This is the unfortunate result of the existing crusty old health food stores that appeared to shelve magical tonics for a myriad of things ranging from losing weight, quitting the smoking habit to sleeping better at night. Forget about all of that. The organic industry is simply so much more than that. The main thing to remember is that the products are free from synthetic chemicals, anti-biotics and growth hormones. What it boils down to is that most commercially processed food contains chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals. Whether it is for preservation purposes, color appeal or for flavor. No matter how you slice it or dice it, the bottom line is that it is bad for your health as well as the environment.

About the products we sell 
OrganicUniverse.com carries consumable and non-consumable products that are eco-friendly, are pesticide and chemical free, are GM (Genetically Modified)free and are not tested on animals. This is very important to us. What is equally paramount is the level of quality. We have found that just because a package is pretty and appears to be eco-friendly,etc.,etc., it does NOT mean that what you are about to consume is going to taste as good as it looks. That is one of the main reasons why we started this company.

As the green marketplace grows, we are constantly expanding our product lines. If there is any item that you are particularly interested in, please contact us at 
Product Inquiry.

The manufacturers and farms that we work with DO NOT use pesticides, antibiotics, growth-hormones or any other synthetic drugs in order to grow or make their products, do NOT test on animals, and ARE eco-friendly.

If anything, we found that more manufacturers were practicing organic agricultural techniques, but couldn’t afford to pay the government to get the required certification in order to slap a certified label on their package. Inevitably, the consumer would not be able to afford the extremely high prices needed to cover the extraneous costs and the manufacturer would wind up going out of business. 

There are so many wonderful green companies that are being forced by the government to refrain from being certified because of the rapidly increasing costs involved with certification. This is exactly what is keeping organic from becoming mainstream instead of specialty. It enables the corporate giants that have been producing mass products made with the myriad of chemicals,etc to keep their market share and keep green business to a minimum.

We have spent a great deal of time researching the product lines that we carry and feel that they are truly category leaders. We hope that you will agree with us too. Whenever possible, we have provided a great deal of information about each of the companies and/or products that we sell. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any additional questions about any of our products. Happy shopping!